Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Heart Coats <3

I really need a new coat. I think of this every morning as I am scurrying (read:frantically running like a madwoman out of breath) out the door to catch the bus. It's not that I don't have coats already it's just that none seem to suit me at the moment. One has all but 2 buttons left. One has some kind of dust or dirt all over it - actually I think it's from the coat being on the floor at a bar that allows patrons to throw peanut shells on the floor (very difficult to remove!). One isn't waterproof and it's been rainy lately. One is sooo five years ago. One is a ski coat. So you see? I totally need a new coat!

I want a nice, sensible coat. One that would be practical to wear to work virtually everyday and on the weekends with some jeans. I also want it to be somewhat "trendy" but not overly so because I want to wear it at least until next year (realistically I'd like to keep it for five years as that is my current practice with most things...sometimes longer).

I am very frugal when it comes to clothes. I never buy anything at full price, but the occasional pair of jeans. Most of my wardrobe is from Target, Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack, hand-me-downs, and then just the shear volume of old stuff that I have had since 2002. So I decided to look online at Old Navy because they have good deals there, right? Right!

This is the smart, sensible coat I want...

I also love green. :)

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