Monday, March 23, 2009

Aren't we in a recession? That's what I thought

I have a job & I'm extremely thankful for that. My mom's company just had to lay off all these people and it was so sad just thinking what they must be feeling, worrying about etc. So let me just say again that I am so happy to have a job! the first of the year I was given "bonuses" from the people that I support. A couple were in cash and a couple were in gift certificates. Obviously I would have preferred cash all around but three of four gift certificates I got were to some fancy pants boutiques and I thought "well, that might be fun. At least I have to spend them here and not on a bill or something" Well peeps, I had a total of $300 between three different fancy pants places and I've spent $50 so far. I've gone to one store in particular three times and nothing really tickles my fancy. And on top of that, their shit is like $200-$400 (for a sweater). To some people maybe this is totally reasonable, but not to me. I'm cheap when it comes to clothes. Even though I have "free" money the principle just kills me. How can they ask $248 for a t-shirt? A fucking t-shirt, are you kidding me?

So on Saturday after my cooking class I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop in to a couple of the stores. I thought "ya know, things are bad in the economy, we're transitioning from winter to spring, there's got to be some good deals." No. Nope. Not even close.

I finally decided that I should buy something just so that I can be done with it. So I tried to find something that would normally be way out of my price range but that I really liked. I found a scarf that I kinda liked, looked at the price tag and I'm sorry I know I said I was going to splurge and all but I AM NOT PAYING $101.00 FOR A FREAKING SCARF! (that I don't even love!)

I'm wondering who is shopping at these places. Are the shops making any money? How will they stay in business? In fact, I really should buy something soon because they very well may go out of business and I will be screwed. No bonus for me.

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  1. Are you kidding???
    $101 for a SCARF????
    Does it come with a personal scarf wrapper? Does it come with a meal?
    Does it come with Godiva chocolates?
    Does it make you smell like roses 24/7?
    Does it help you lose weight?
    Does it aid your digestive tract??

    Can you sell this thing and get some cash out of it???


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