Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not part of that world quite yet...

I love the world of bloggers. I want to be part of it, there is just this one teeny tiny problem...I am bad at writing on my blog! It provides me endless entertainment all day long to read blogs and randomly stumble onto new ones. I like the regular peeps living their regular lives and writing about it, I love the famous bloggers, I love the sort of offensive in a good way ones, I love the funny ones, sad ones, news organization ones, lots! I love blogs! And I love that people form these friendships & communities on them. And you can win prizes sometimes! And look at me not linking to any blogs in this post. Like, I should have had a link to the blogs that I am referencing above, but I'm too lazy (and I'm at work SHHHHH I don't have time to linger here).

Singing- "Someday I'll be, part of that world" (imagine me on a rock with the cold Oregon coast waves hitting my back and my short hair whipping around into my eyes and mouth while I belt this out).

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