Friday, March 27, 2009

Say A Prayer To The House Gods

People (all three of you who read this) please send some positive vibes our way! We've found a house that we really like, but of course its not enough just to like it so please say a prayer to the house gods for us.

Specific things to pray for (cause I've seen that Christiany people say to be specific):
1. That there is nothing majorly wrong with it
2. That they want to accept our low offer
3. That Nick and I don't kill each other
4. That some cash falls out of the sky and lands on my head
5. That you will be coming over this summer to enjoy our hot tub!
6. That you will be bringing me a nice green plant very soon...
7. That this is the right choice for us!

I heart you internet, thanks for praying to the house gods for me even though we hardly know each other. It means a lot!

Isn't it nice? I know!

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