Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was thinking I should devote some time to a few of my married moments.

We've been married for a month and a half now and I've had a couple "If I were a fifties wife this would not be good" moments.

1. Forgot husbands birthday. Realized once at work. Called to say "oops. I wondered why you were looking at me with those 'isn't there something you would like to tell me?' eyes"

2. Washed a purple thing with white things. Yay! who likes tye dye? Me! Me! Me!

3. Missed 4 consecutive days of birth control. Had to go to Planned Parenthood for Plan B. Flashed my wedding ring to everyone in the waiting room and the nurse at the counter. "Oh no I won't be needing any screenings or anything....I'm married. See?"

4. Served my husband both undercooked and overcooked chicken dinners in the span of a week! Yum!

You see, all of this might be a bigger deal to a real new wife whose just getting used to her new precious shiney husband but we've been living together for quite some time, I've been cooking and doing laundry and remembering birthdays for years. I get married though and whooosh! its like we are starting from scratch. And also half my brain is gone.

5. Also I've been eating like a horse. My friends say its cause I'm married now.

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  1. Wow....you blogged!!!!!!!
    I love your married moments. Let's continue these....


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