Friday, October 23, 2009

One Nice Thing...

I was inspired to do this after reading this blog. I feel like lately I am annoyed and complaining about my husband, feeling alone in making our house a home and forgetting to appreciate him and all he does.

I've felt overwhelmed that my house is still not fully in order after moving, that there are still wedding gifts sitting in boxes stacked in the spare room and that I have been talking about getting a filing cabinet for months but STILL haven't gotten one. I also am trying to embrace my little kitchen and not worry so much that it gets cluttered faster than a bigger one would. I'm trying to secretly throw away a piece or two of mail that gets piled by dear sweet husband each night. I'm trying not to put so much pressure on myself, the inspiration to organize will come. The dishes will eventually get done. And none of this is worth leaving the house in the morning feeling defeated from the get go.

Last night my husband got home (late as usual - lately) and we were talking about something random (the recycling I think) and I burst into tears. My best friends mother was diagnosed with cancer. Though I had known for a couple days it hit me last night and I was sad. My husband dropped everything that was in his hands, looked at me the way only he can and wrapped his arms around me tight. So many times he has been there for me like this. He is so comforting - he doesn't try to make me feel better by saying a word, just squeezes me tight. It's the best.


  1. I find myself doing this sometimes as well. I get frustrated and overwhelmed and start nit-picking about little things... then I remember all the times he's really been there for me and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend's mom. My friend has Cancer and I know that it can be so difficult to see and hear about someone you know and love going through such an incredibly horrible ordeal.

  2. Sweet...hugs by someone you love- priceless.

    I hate cancer.


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