Thursday, October 1, 2009

Puppy Dog

The newest and brightest thing in our lives right now is our sweet puppy Rosie. Kaylen says I am overly obsessed with "Rose." It's just a coincidence. She IS a Rosie. I think this all stems from me supposed to be named Rose. Its my middle name. I love the name. It conjures such sweet images and feelings for me.

Anyway, Rosie. She literally has changed my life. I've never loved something like I love her. I had a dog growing up, but its different when you are the soul caretaker. She is my little baby.

I now look forward to waking up early because I get to hang out with her before work. And I am dying to get home to see her. Before I wasn't exactly dying to get home to be home alone for 2 hours until my husband got home from work.

I haven't gotten much done in the last 2 weeks as all my time has been taken up by her. Gladly.

So meet Rosie:

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  1. Wow...gonna call me out like that but then use the picture I took? Nice.
    Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose


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