Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday (the 13th)!

Friday the 13th. Meh. I'm not superstitious really.

I've been slacking on this little ol' blog -o- mine. I'm sorry blog. I still love you.

Let's talk about what's floating around in my head, shall we?

1. My father in law had heart surgery last week. Last night he ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. That's all I'm sayin'.

2. I just ordered this cute shirt today! Aren't you loving it? I wanted this cute little jacket that they had, too but it was sold out. I mulled it over for too long and missed my opportunity. That happens to me a lot. Usually I just say "well, it wasn't meant to be." But what if that is the wrong attitude? Maybe I'm missing great opportunities all the time.

3. Do you ever feel like your lady parts doctor isn't hearing what you say? I do. Its like they act as if "if you've seen one, you've seen them all" I like to think I am special down there and because I'm so special I have issues....know what I'm sayin?

4. I would like to get a new camera. Does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonably priced one that takes nice photos? I don't need anything fancy.

5. I put my new black jeans in the dryer last night. Now as I sit here and type they are digging into my stomach. That was a bad move after two glasses of wine. Drinking & Drying - DON'T DO IT!

6. I'm starting to feel in the holiday spirit. I've already got a couple gifts picked out from Etsy. My husband and I decided that this year everyone gets a gift that is $40 or under. I hope to do gifts that are homemade either by me or someone else. Just say no to malls! This has been a big year for us financially (house, wedding, honeymoon, stuff for the house etc) so I think everyone will understand. Plus, I really don't think that Christmas should be about gifts anyway. I don't need anything and I'm happy to just spend quality time with my family.

7. Speaking of Christmas - this is our first Christmas in our new house and as a married couple. I want to start our own tradition of some sort, does anyone have any good, original ideas?

8. Let's all go to Mexico. I have been freezing for the last two weeks, I think Mexico is the only way I can warm up. Here is a photo from the last time I was there to convince you that we should go :

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  1. A good new tradition would be to go to Mexico for the holidays!!

    Your etsy link doesn't work...but I agree, we should all shop on Etsy this year! It's like going to the biggest craft fair in the world!!


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