Thursday, November 19, 2009

Office View

Remember when I said I wanted to be "out there?"
Not anymore I don't, its freezing out there!


  1. Not sure why your recent comment does not show up on my post, but I did get it in my inbox.

    Perhaps you missed this comment, from the coordinator of the exchange:

    "I as one of the hostesses of the SSS am a little confused myself...I thought I was perfectly clear that gifts were to be valued at $20 and while this may have been a truly heartfelt gift it is evident it is not $20 and it is unfair to you who I know went above and beyond for your sss exchange partner"

    So yes, my feelings are relevant. But I knew that even before getting the above comment.

    I think gracious (to use your word) also extends to leaving comments on people's blogs.

  2. Now I see your comment. It's on the post previous to todays, in which I elaborate on my feelings.


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