Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coming Down From The High

Can you believe how many things were written about people's addictions to the political campaigns? And what we were going to do about it once they were all over?

For months straight I came home right after work to watch CNN...for three hours. I would even lie to friends and say I had plans (ya I had come home , grab the cheezits and feed my Campbell Brown cravings).

I haven't had an addiction like this since I first discovered Lost on DVD (do not even think of talking about the 4th season to me, it doesn't come out on DVD till December!). At the time I became aware of my addiction a friend was going through AA, luckily I had her to help me through the steps.

1. Admit you have a problem. "Oh I know I have a problem. I don't want to do anything outside of watching Lost. I dream of Lost."

2. Is it interfering with daily life? "Yes. I am staying up later than normal because I have to watch just one more episode. The next day at work I am so tired and everyone asks me what I've been up to, but I can't say. I am ashamed that I am wasting my life away in front of the TV."

3. Your boyfriend is enabling you, isn't he? "Yes, he watches with me. He's addicted, too."

4. Have you lost interest in hobbies that used to give you joy? "Yes. I went out to the bar with my friends and I ended up giving a long monologue about how Lost was just one big metaphor for life and they told me to shut up and have another drink."

5. Do you find yourself unable to concentrate? "Yes. What? Wait, what did you just ask? I'm sorry I was thinking about last night's episode of Lost and how Jack looked so hot in his dirty t-shirt and how I wish he would just go on and get it on with Kate already!"

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