Monday, November 10, 2008

Drum Roll Please....

I got my new coat!

I highly recommend that you all go to Old Navy this week and enjoy some of the fabulous deals they have there right now. I've heard that this holiday season of shopping should be good for those who have a little money to spend because retailers will be pulling out the sales to try to get people in to shop amid these difficult financial times. They must have had me in mind..."did someone say sale?"

My coat, normally $89.50 was only $44.75! That's a good deal for a nice coat!

I ended up not going with the green. I saw it the moment I stepped in the door, but as I was browsing around I stumbled across the brown version. I accidentally tried on the extra small. I did like how it fit in some places, but it would be tight to wear a chunky sweater under and when I stretched my arms out I had exposed-wrist action going on. But I loved the brown color and to be honest, the green was very green in person. I couldn't find a small in brown, though. I thought that maybe it wasn't meant to be, that I should stick to the plan (I almost didn't by purchasing at least 3 other items, but I put them back. Yay for self-control!) so I went with the green up to the cash register. At the last moment I ask about a brown small and voila! The sales girl found me one! Back in business.

Though I am wearing the coat today, I think I am finally going to take the advice that has been given to me over and over again (just yesterday in fact) by the What Not To Wear team and get a tailor to alter my coat. Though the small fits well in arm length, it is a little big around the waist and I kinda look like I may or may not be pregnant and this is not a question I want to find myself answering.

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