Thursday, November 20, 2008


I got this idea from Kaylen because I am bad at blogging. I bore even myself, this is not good.

1st Concert: I think it was Shania Twain! Isn't that so cute? I remember not liking the crowds & telling my parents that when they came to pick me and my friend up. I can't remember her name, we were only friends that year...was is Jessica? Sarah? No, those don't sound right. I will have to think on this.

1st Car: Technically I drove a 1972 Chevy Pickup truck for a couple months before I got my own car, (that I still drive!!) a red Honda Civic.

1st Volunteer Memory: Bringing cookies and singing carols at a nursing home. An old lady choked on the cookies and it really scared me. I cried. Not a fun first experience.

1st Serious Boyfriend: mmm...Shea O'Shaunessy. It was fourth grade and it was serisously serious.

1st Memory of Life: I don't know. That would be hard to pinpoint. Somewhere around the 4-year mark, though.

1st International Travel: Mexico. 8 years old. That counts right?

1st Surgery: Never have had surgery.

1st Long Lasting Pet: Thumbs the cat. We had a love/hate relationship Thumbs and I. He liked to hide at the bottom of the stairs and attack my legs when I came down. He was quite a character,though. He had a bent tail, extra thumbs (hence the name) and he only liked to drink water out of the faucet, never a bowl.

1st Frat Party: Senior year or wait...Junior year of high school. I'm not certain, but it was at Portland State and it was all in all pretty lame and I tell you it's because high schoolers don't belong at Frat parties. The ones in college were much more fun!

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