Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Once upon a time...

I wonder how long it takes for someone to read ones blog... I'm not talking about my mom here. I mean, should I tell people that I have started a blog? Is that weird? My friends are already sick of me and my rambling why would they want to read this crap? Maybe I should facebook it, or send a mass email. Perhaps I should shamelessly comment on other blogs and make sure to link to my blog when it asks for my url. OOOO....I've always wanted to have my own url! What is a url anyway? What does that stand for? Is that dumb that I don't know? How many years has it been now that url is an everyday commonly used acronym would you say? Is it even an acronym? Gosh, I'm sure glad this blogger thingy has spell check, I can see that I'm going to need it already. A lot of my spelling errors have to do with the cut on the tip of my pointer finger (I'm always letting myself off the hook like that). What does one do in their first blog post ever? Do I introduce myself? Have a clever anecdote that sums me up? I'm going to research that... I think I'll visit some blogs, go into the archives and look for the original post.

Will report back next time...

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