Wednesday, November 5, 2008


First off I like ellipsis- get used to it.

OK, so... I did a little research. I'm serious it was just a little, literally. I was at work, hello! I had stuff to do! But I did check out a couple blogs (literally, a couple) it seems like they didn't "introduce" themselves in their first blog. I think some blogs try to be something new or unique, I don't think that's me so much. The only thing unique is me...that I've never done this before. In everything I've read and heard on NPR (name drop!) about bloggers, they all say that you can't go into it thinking you are going to become the next best blog or whatever you just have to blog to blog. Maybe you love to write, maybe you are a total narcissist who thinks everyone will be thrilled to hear about your trip to the mall, maybe you are famous already and think that automatically gives you the license to post your rants publically, maybe you have a good idea even (like stuff white people like or living oprah). No matter what, I have learned that I should blog to blog so that is what Im doing. I am sure that no one has even read this "blog." So I'm bloggin' to blog and writin' to write. Write Rose Write! (that was a reference to some of the first entries I read today!)

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