Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Episode of That Ain't Right

No offense Catholic church, but y'all ain't right. The recent comments from the Pope are so horribly irresponsible and dangerous I can't even begin to say.

Anytime something comes on the news about the Catholic church I immediately look to my man with a "What the Fuh?" expression on my face. And I'm serious. I want an answer. He grew up Catholic. He was an alter boy & all that. He even went to Catholic school. So he is my resident expert and authority and I look at him expecting him to speak for not just the Pope but all followers of the Catholic faith. But he just looks at me and says "I know. I know. This is why I am a recovering Catholic."

Thats him in the pics up there.
Gettin' tipsy at a wedding. He always reminds me that Catholics are down to drink. That's cool I guess.


  1. rose!! Thanks for your comment! I cant find your email on here, though i am on my phone, so it could be right in front if my face.. Anyway. Send me an email, me at I have a whole answer for ya about the house and good info :)

    Also excited to find a Portland person! We've been here for just over 3 weeks and LOVE it! :)

  2. dude, he looks WAAAAAAAAAA-way-way-waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAASTED!!!


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