Friday, March 20, 2009

Please don't call the HR Department on me

Kaylen said that if I confess to the internet I can be forgiven. (Luckily I have basically no readers so that's a plus!)

So today my co-worker (who is so nice and coincidentally raised Catholic so this is fitting that I am confessing & that just yesterday I was bashing on them as a group (see yesterdays third blog post)) had to go to a funeral and he was a pallbearer. It wasn't his favorite aunt or anything, it was the old lady that lived across the street from him when he was a kid. Cute. And he sorta made a joke about it the other day (I'm just setting you up for what I'm about to confess to!) so today as he was leaving he's all "Bye Alison, see you later today" and I'm all "Ok, ya see ya. Don't drop the casket!"

Oops. That was inappropriate, right? Ya. It was. But don't we all "gaffe" sometimes? Yes, we do. Even the president. The Leader of the Free World "gaffes." That word, by the way, is like the sound of someone else clipping their toenails to me. I can't stand it.

Anyway, I'm sorry co-worker and also all people in caskets and anyone who has ever been a pallbearer and really just anyone who knows anyone who has died if that was offensive to you. I'm sincerely sorry and just so you know I know a lot of people who have died, I love dead people. I totally have nothing against them. I swear.

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  1. And now that you've confessed to the internet - you are absolved of all guilt in any unkindness that might have been felt from that remark. :)


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