Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conan O'Brien

I love Conan O'Brien let me just make that clear. When I lived in my first grown up apartment and was working temp jobs I would stay up late enough to watch him often. (Yikes! Now I go to bed so early...what time did he used to be on? 12:30?) Anyway, I know his humor isn't for everyone- well I don't understand why but I hear people saying that they "don't get him" I think this actually means they haven't ever watched him. Whatever. Jerks.

So I happened to wake up on my couch last night (I fall asleep on my couch every night. Every. Night.) after a nightmare and told my husband to please turn on something that was "happy" for just a minute so that before going to my bed I could not worry about being murdered or ghosts coming in to haunt me. Naturally, he turned it to Conan. Yay! This guy came out, really funny, I remembered him from the movie Kocked Up which I just watched for the second time last weekend. He plays the asian doctor who grills Katherine Heigl about smoking (remember him?). Apparently since then he has been in a few more movies and is on a new TV show. He is also a real life doctor who gave up his career to act! Cool! So they are discussing the movie The Hangover, which I haven't seen, and his nudity in it. The guy starts talking about how he got all this advice about manscaping and how it will make his dick look inches longer....STOP! Wait! BLEEEEEP! The word dick was bleeped out. Conan looked pissed. PISSED. I had never seen him like that before. It was so uncomfortable for me to watch. I kept thinking of it for the rest of the night while I lay in bed (scared of monsters and rapists coming to get me). Was that really such a big deal? I'm sure people have said worse things that had to be bleeped out.

And then my other observations:

1. Its not a live show. No harm done.
2. The word dick? I think its a silly word...grown men are NAMED this
3. Is it worse than ass?
4. Why are we such prudes?
5. We still know what the word is even if its bleeped out
6. This isn't a family show- this was on at 12:15 at night
7. Why did Conan act personally insulted? Cause he did. It seemed like Conan was thinking "Hey you unknown actor how dare you come on my show and say such a thing. You should be so LUCKY that I invited you"
8. Of all the words that get said on TV (bitch for example) how is this any worse? I would have made the same mistake if I were him...this seems like a harmless word for a late night comedy show.
9. Grow the Ef up people! Dick? Come on...

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