Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Package

Last night I made it back to my house after the long trek from the bus stop and what awaited me? (besides my excited puppy) A package!

I love getting a package! I think we should all start something where we send each other a piece of mail or a package with something fun inside. We should all have to send something once a month. I was reading this blog the other day and she got a magic type writer left on her door step! Isn't that amazing?!

Last night I got a bunch of stationary! Those who know me know that I love stationary. I am the thank you note queen. I love to write thank you notes. Its relaxing to me and I feel like I can express myself better through a note. This package was courtesy of BlogSpark.com via Kaylen's Blog. Thank you!!!

Let me know if you want my address so you can send me something. K?


  1. Don't you love it?? I really like the small sticky notes, cause sometimes you just don't need a normal square one....and sometimes you really don't want a stupid bright yellow one!

    I keep these at work and I'm certain all of cubicle-land is jealous of my sticky notes! (though I wish they had more stick to them...I have ended up having to tape some down!)


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