Monday, November 2, 2009

Another post on being married

Back my popular demand (thank you two loyal readers) here are some more feelings on being married:

1. It does feel different but not a different in like "EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL AND ROSE PETALS AND FROLICKING THROUGH THE MEADOW NOW!" different. It feels like, "You are my husband now, do as I say" different.

2. I feel more free to throw temper tantrums about little things because well- You are my husband so too damn bad! You are stuck with me and my crazy!

3. I feel that I should be able to stay at home and just be a wife and homemaker now. HA! Do those exist? Do people become just wives and stay at home all day? How is this financially possible in this day and age. No fair if they do exist! NO FAIR! (temper tantrums...told you)

4. I feel like I want a yittle baby. That's the truth! But alas,it is not in the cards at the current moment. Children seem like they might be a lot of work, do you think? And they must cost a lot, too.

5. I feel like I should workout and try to look hot for my husband but I also feel like I must eat as much Halloween candy as possible, and that trumps the working out bit.

These are my feelings on being married. Consider them before you get all excited about having a wedding, cause you know thats what half of those single gals really want. They don't want to hear about the candy eating, the money woes and the no, because reality is not all rose petals and champagne... well maybe cheap wine, though.

However, the reality is also that I love much deeper, laugh even harder and make small moments count so much more now that I am married. I love us. (awwww)

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  1. awwww...I love you guys together. You seem like a great match!


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