Monday, November 2, 2009

A Make-Up Post

Like make-up sex, only not.

I want to try hard to post every day in November. I really want to TRY. We are going to be out of town this Tuesday evening through Saturday night and the nature of our trip may not allow me to be on the internet a lot so will you forgive me if I double up some days? Will that still count?

Lets do some random thoughts, mmmk?

- Why did I eat my weight in candy this weekend?
- Why does the guy at my afternoon bus stop have to shoot snot rockets every day in public? ick.
- Speaking of the bus stop, this other bus stop that I sometimes go to had lipstick marks on it last Thursday. Nasty. That meant that someone put their lips onto the glass of a public bus shelter. Ick again. I don't even like to hold the bars inside the bus because of other people's greasy swine flu-y hands touching them all day long.
-Why don't they provide hand sanitizer or clorox wipes on the bus like at the grocery store? They should! I'm going to suggest this to someone in charge! I'm making this my mission.
- Has it really been a year since I've had this blog? Why have I only got like 50 posts? Thats an average of like : 0.136986301 posts per day. that the right math? I am not so good at math.
- Am I lazy blogger? Sometimes I just feel pressure to post something not craft something (lazy). Or is it more like stage fright? I think its more like stage fright because I over think it. Most of my emails to friends are more entertaining than this blog. OOO! Good idea for future blog posts- "A Peak Inside My Email"
- Why did I buy all that halloween candy? Why did I eat my...oh. I already said that.
- What shows are on Mondays now? I get so confused. HIMYM, right? Love that show!
- I changed the direction that my dining room table faces. What a difference! The room feels much more open and spacious. Try it tonight, just change the direction of one thing. If nothing else it will make your husband know that you did something while he was away at work all day.

I should have called this Random Questions, cause it was more of a question driven post.


  1. thanks so much for popping by and being so sweet:) and i love your kitchen drawings! Can't wait to see what you do next!

    and yes, I'm in total agreement about the bus carrying sanitizers! I have my own that I carry around that is nontoxic and doesn't dry up the cracks in my hands like the others do. It's my BFF.

  2. HIMYM is the funniest show out there!!! I also really love the Big Bang Theory on Mondays too. I didn't like it at first--so if you tried to watch it and gave up, you should give it another chance cause it's got some really funny lines!
    I think I have put my lips in worse places than a public bus stop shelter. I'm not going to share any secret stories...but I'm just saying. And I'm not sure that is any more disgusting than passing around a shot glass at a party. Or um...other things people do...


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