Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Giveaway!!!

I am giving away.....drum roll....

All the rest of my Chex Mix so that I will stop eating it! Last night Courtney (you don't know her) came over to watch White Christmas, like we do every year. As she walked in the door I looked at her deeply in the eye and said "Help me. Please. I need an intervention. A Chex Mix Intervention." You see, I had been passing the time waiting for her by devouring the Chex Mix straight from the large tub that it resides in. This method is exactly the opposite of what any good dietitian, nutritionist, sane person, person who doesn't have a problem with binge eating, would do or recommend.

I have a problem and I need help.

OK, so I will do a real giveaway...right after I win this one!


  1. Chex mix is really, really good. you could send it to me. I'd take care of it for you;)

  2. That's funny!! Thanks for linking to my contest!

    I have never really had chex mix I didn't really understand it-it's cereal...with pretzels and nuts?

  3. Oh Kaylen. Poor, poor Kaylen. I will make you some.

  4. Chex Mix is Yummy and so addictive. The Turtle one with caramel is Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm. At least you are eating the less calorie one :)

  5. listen, i have been eating my weight in brie. and i don't even EAT brie. i was in one of those fancy grocery stores buying a baguette, when the brie caught my eye. i thought my boys would love it. well, all that was left by the time they got home from school was that weird white, thick outer part that i am too scared to eat. my arteries are screaming for help.


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