Friday, December 18, 2009

What Makes Me Happy

As I get a little older I find that happiness is a bit relative, isn't it?

Little things make me happy, small joys like the printer at work working when I need it to.

Some other things that make me happy are:

Waking up early on a Saturday, making coffee and just enjoying being at my home

Nights when my husband and I sleep with our arms wrapped around eachother all night. If one turns over, the other follows.

Mornings that start with music.

Reheating delicious leftovers (made by me) to eat while catching up with shows on my DVR. This has to happen when the house is empty and peacful. Isn't that just heaven? Ahhhhhh...

Walking into my parents house, my dad greeting me as he looks up from his newspaper, saying "Hi Sweetheart!" with the biggest smile on his face. Melts me.

When my mother tells me "Don't fret, Sweetpea."

Farmers Markets.

Having my boss say "Lets shut 'er down" two hours early on a Friday.

Bear hugs from my sweet brother.

Listening to live music on a grassy hill.

Touchdowns...flying or football.

When the bus comes early in the afternoon and I'm there waiting for it!

Reading a book that I just can't put down. Isn't that the best?

Being silent with a dear friend. Or talking non-stop. I have to have those kind of friends.

Feeling that peaceful feeling inside that I know exists but sometimes slips away; I feel like that today, that must be why I needed to write this. I feel at peace for no reason at all. It feels like a deep breath, like the most satisfying drink of water or the first day of vacation. Relaxed, calm, not worried...even in the face of chaos, worry and dread. I love to feel as if I have some control over my emotions, my state of mind and my reactions. When I don't, I am not happy. Today, at least, I feel very happy.


  1. This was a lovely post!
    I would LOVE that artichoke recipe my email is attached to this comment and TY for the mexican dip recipe

  2. I love these all! Yay for feeling happy!
    I would add:
    A long super-hot bath with soft music playing and a good book and nothing but time.

    And sitting around with four friends just chatting about life and love and the future at 3am.

    And choc chip cookies straight from the oven!

    And when good things happen to good people.

    And pets that snuggle!!!

  3. That was beautiful. It made me happy reading it. :)

  4. sigh, totally love all of these things.


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