Friday, January 8, 2010

Cleanse After the Storm

Happy New Year!

This year I went from living on Lean Cuisines before my wedding to saying "Screw It!" for the six months that followed. I ate more sweets this Christmas than ever. Cookies are good breakfast food. Also snack food, meal replacements and with a nice glass of wine.

I went away to a cabin in the mountains for New Years with a group of friends. It was so much fun and I'm not sure that there is a picture that would be appropriate. There is a video that once I get a copy of I will show, because, well, its the best dance routine ever! Anyway, while at the cabin (or Booze Cruise on Land, if you will) we ate. A lot. The whole trip was basically one itinerary of "what are we eating for the next meal?" This is all well and good, but by god I hit my wall (and you know how when you are on vacation you get a little off, uh, schedule, know what I mean?) Anyhoo, it's time to do something.

This week I have drank more water than I ever have in my entire life I think. This is called Alison's Water Cleanse. That's it. No soda. No juice. No alcohol. I allow one cup of coffee in the morning, because come on. I am peeing every twenty minutes but I swear I'm shedding bad stuff. I can feel it!

It's not as if this is something new. Water is good for you (energy, skin, appetite). But I have to say I really feel great. I like making changes that are small. I didn't want to do anything where I had to take a bunch of vitamins, deprive myself of anything, be starving...this is a small and relatively easy endeavor. I highly recommend it. I'm going to try to keep it up for another week, we'll see how I do.

*Word to the wise: with all the peeing and in turn wiping, baby wipes are not a bad idea :)

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